Student Projects

We work every day to build CJN to become a lively, broad network, where our partner teachers constantly communicate with each other, share ideas, and build cross-border projects, from Turkey to Budapest, from Stockholm to Zagreb. 

During our annual winter seminars, teachers spend three days brainstorming and creating ideas about how to connect their schools. These cross-border projects allow students to get to know their counterparts from other countries, learn about Jewish life there, and make projects they can be proud of, just strenthening their sense of belonging to a global Jewish peoplehood.

Current projects

1) CJN Video competition

For the 2017/18 school year, we announce the CJN video competition for Jewish schools in the US, Europe, and Israel for the third time! Students are invited to submit videos in four categories: Virtual Jewish Cookbook, Family History, Jewish Holidays, and My Community. More information about the competition can be found here. 

2) Connecting through music

Do you know the Playing for Change initiative, which aims to connect various groups of people through music, by singing the same song together? Why not make something similar with Jewish schools? The Scheiber Sándor School from Budapest invites you to sing the song "Od yavo shalom aleinu" in your schools, record it, send it, and be part of  the amazing final product - one song, several schools, hundreds of students, standing together. Would you like to join? Write an email to Zsolt Mártha:

Do you have more project ideas? Let us know so we can share it with all our CJN teachers. Write to Bori Pál, CJN coordinator:

Looking for inspiration? Look at all the great projects posted by CJN schools to our Border Jumping page