A Platform for Teachers and Students in European Jewish Schools

The Centropa Jewish Network (CJN) is one of the few associations of Jewish schools educators in Europe. The goal of the CJN is to connect Jewish students across cultures, to provide professional development opportunities to educators in Jewish schools, and to create a support system for quality education in European Jewish schools. CJN teachers create opportunities for their students to learn from and work with Jewish school students in the US and Israel through cross-cultural projects they design around Jewish life and culture.

By bringing together Jewish students and educators the countries most effected by the Holocaust, we create more opportunities for Jewish students to learn first-hand about the important events in 20th century Jewish history and the diversity of Jewish life and culture on these three continents. As they work together, Jewish students create experiences that will stay with them through adulthood and bonds that will inform their choices as they become the Jewish community leaders of the 21st century. 

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