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A network for teachers and students in European Jewish Schools

Back when Communism fell in 1989 and 1991, there was one Jewish school in all of Central Europe—in Budapest—and it had 12 students. Today, there are more than 30 Jewish schools with over 5,000 students attending, and whatever the future of European Jewish life, it is sitting in those classrooms today.

That’s why we at Centropa created a platform for teachers to share best practices and brainstorm with each other and for students to create new technology projects of their own and share them with their counterparts in Jewish schools all over Europe, as well as in our partner schools in Israel and the US.

 CJN is a pan-European Jewish educational network that connects the future leaders and active members of Jewish communities with each other in creative and engaging ways, while they are also learning about their own history and culture. It’s all about Jewish identity, family stories and European Jewish history far beyond the Holocaust, and CJN programs have been created by 21st century European teachers in Jewish schools for today’s European Jewish students.

Please be in touch to learn more about our programs and we’d be glad to share with you stories, videos and other projects created by students in Jewish schools from Vilnius to Istanbul, Kyiv to Amsterdam.


Marcell Kenesei
Director, CJN

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