Teachers are our superheroes - they work every day to raise the next generation of young Jews all over the world. Here are the most active teachers from European, US and Israeli schools, who use our materials, help us by giving feedback, and take part in our programs with awesome student projects. 

Stella Kalle

Thessaloniki, Greece
Jewish Primary School of Thessaloniki

Stella Kalle teaches history, social studies and geography in the Jewish Primary School of Thessaloniki. She is also a PhD student in the Didactics of History at the Faculty of Education in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, conducting a research about representations of ‘Self’ and ‘Otherness’, regarding Greeks and Turks in school textbooks. She speaks five foreign languages. She is one of the most active teachers of Centropa: she regularly participates in seminars and the Centropa Summer Academy, and took part with her students in the CJN video competition. In 2016/17 she was the coordinator of the competition’s My Community category. 

Rina Lund

Rome, Italy
Angelo Sacerdoti Jewish Middle School & Renzo Levi Jewish High School

Rina Lund teaches Hebrew every year to up to 9 classes in different grades which vary from grade 6 (11 year old students) up to grade 5 in high school (18-20 year old students). She got involved with Centropa in 2014 when the school received an invitation to take part in a Centropa seminar. Ever since that, Rina is a proud “member” of the ever growing Centropa teacher network. During past years, her students did quite a number of projects inspired by Centropa films and Centropa biographies: two different projects about the “Jewish holiday cook book”, a project on Shoa poetry, video on the local Roman Jewish community's Ghetto, and a project about the famous figures of the community.

Tereza Gafna Vanova

Prague, Czech Republic
Lauder School of Prague

Tereza Gafna Vanova is a teacher and coordinator of Jewish studies at Lauder School of Prague. She is a graduate of Cherles University in Prague, Paidea and Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem. She likes to teach biblical stories, issues of communal life and intertwining between Judaism and current social issues. With her students, she participates in the CJN video competition. 

Cecília Horváth

Budapest, Hungary
Lauder Javne School

Cecília Horváth teaches history and English language in the Lauder School of Budapest. She regularly participates in various conferences and professional development courses, especially ones related to the Holocaust and Human Rights, and does various interactive projects with her students, often in partnership with other schools. Cecília also took part in various Centropa seminars and programs. In cooperation with Dorothea Fecske from Frankfurt, she put together successful cross-border projects with her students for the CJN video competition. 

Sami Levi

Istanbul, Turkey
Ulus Jewish Schools

Sami Levi works in the Ulus Jewish Schools as a Jewish Studies coordinator, where he works to develop a new, informal Jewish Studies curriculum. Earlier he worked as a freelance trainer in a company where he created teambuilding games and leadership activities for various communities and organizations. With his students, he regularly takes part in the CJN video competition, and in the 2017/18 school year he is the coordinator of the Jewish Holidays category. 

Dorothea Fecske

Frankfurt, Germany
I.E. Lichtigfeld Schule im Philantropin

Dorothea Fecske has been teaching since 2008 arts and media studies at the I. E. Lichtigfeld-School in Frankfurt, Germany. With her students from elementary school, she regularly participates in the CJN video competition. She works together with Cili Horváth, a teacher from the Hungarian Lauder school, to put together joint cross-border projects. In the 2016/17 school year Dorothea was the coordinator of the Cookbook category in the CJN video competition. If she is not busy with participating with her students at a Centropa Student Competition, then she is working on a children's illustrated book.

Nance Morris Adler

Seattle, USA
Jewish Day School of Seattle

Nance Morris Adler teaches all of the Jewish Studies classes for the Middle School, as well as 6th Social Studies, at The Jewish Day School of Seattle. This will be her 13th year at JDS and her 8th year working with Centropa.  The focus of Nance’s teaching is creating “Upstanders” using the lessons of history to show the importance of being an engaged global citizen. Her 8th grade Jewish Social Studies course is 80% Centropa projects. These include “Civil Society – Whose Job is it to Guarantee We Live in One?”, “Courageous People” and the Jewish Family History Film Project. She also uses Centropa stories for her student’s work in “The Jewish Court of All Time”. Nance served as the Coordinator for the Family History Film contest last year and is the CJN coordinator for North America.

Engin Arik

Istanbul, Turkey
Ulus Jewish Schools

Engin Arik has been working as an English teacher in the Ulus Jewish School since 1994. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature degree from Bosphorus University. Alongside teaching English courses to the overseas students, she is the head of the Orly Balli-Garti English Department. She took part with her students with the Centropa video competition. 

Sarina Salom

Athens, Greece
Jewish Community School of Athens

Sarina Salom is a Jewish studies teacher at the kindergarten of Lauder Athens Jewish community school. She also teaches at the elementary school using the TALAM method. She studied at Machon Greenberg and David Yalin in Jerusalem. She likes to teach Biblical stories, chagim and prompt the kids to use Hebrew in their everyday life. Last year the kindergarten participated at the CJN video competition with three Greek Jewish traditional recipes for the "cookbook" project. 

Sofija Pavinskaite

Vilnius, Lithuania
Vilnius Sholom Aleichem ORT High School

Sofija Pavinskaite works at public Vilnius Sholom Aleichem ORT High School. She is a teacher of Jewish History (Grades 5-7) and non-formal education. Sofija is running various educational projects on history, arts and non-formal education. She holds Bachelor’s degrees in Law and Political Science and Master’s Degree in Law. She has joined the Centropa network in 2016, and since that she regularly participates in Centropa seminars and Summer Academies. Her students took part in the CJN video competition, and in 2017/18 she is the coordinator of the My Community category. 

Victoria Kadiuk

Ukraine, Kyiv
Educational Complex # 141 "ORT"

Viktoria Kadiuk teaches English at Educational Complex №141 ORT in Kyiv to grades 4 and 6. Her classes took part in the CJN video competition and won a prize, and in the 2017/18 school year, she is the coordinator of the Cookbook category of the competition. Viktoria believes it’s very important to implement topics on Jewish History and the Holocaust into her English classes. She also participates in various Centropa seminars, and presented Centropa’s exhibition “The Ukrainian Jewish Family Album” in her native town Irpen in September 2016.

Lowell Blackman

Lod, Israel
Atid High School of Sciences 

Lowell Blackman has been teaching English literature and language arts to advanced English speakers classes in grades 9, 10, and 11 at Atid HS of Sciences in Lod, Israel since 2002. Given wide latitude in creating his own curricula, he uses an interdisciplinary approach to teaching, and this has presented the opportunity to incorporate the treasure trove of Centropa materials into classroom tasks, activities, and projects - most notably the 9th grade Roots Film Project. Lowell has attended three Centropa Summer Academies, where he had the honor of twice presenting projects, participated in CJN seminars in Berlin and in Krakow, Centropa seminars held in Jerusalem, and has also presented Centropa to teachers at English conferences in Israel. He considers himself a proud member of the Centropa family. This year, Lowell has been tapped to be the Coordinator of the Family History Film category of the CJN video competition. 

Maryna Pysanets

Ukraine, Kyiv
Educational Complex # 141 "ORT"

Maryna Pysanets teaches English for 7-11 graders and is quarterbacking the English teachers in her school. At her lessons, she always tries to combine language learning with important social themes. She uses Centropa’s website, teaching materials and films. Her students participate eagerly in Centropa projects, especially film projects where they can investigate the history of their country and its social problems, while mastering the English language.