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Standing together/working together

Back when Communism fell in 1989 and 1991, there was one Jewish school in all of Central Europe—in Budapest—and it had 12 students. Today, there are more than 30 Jewish schools with over 5,000 students attending, and whatever the future of European Jewish life, it is sitting in those classrooms today.

That’s why we at Centropa created a platform for teachers to share best practices and brainstorm with each other and for students to create new technology projects of their own and share them with their counterparts in Jewish schools all over Europe, as well as in our partner schools in Israel and the US.

CJN is a pan-European Jewish educational network that connects the future leaders and active members of Jewish communities with each other in creative and engaging ways, while they are also learning about their own history and culture. It’s all about Jewish identity, family stories and European Jewish history far beyond the Holocaust, and CJN programs have been created by 21st century European teachers in Jewish schools for today’s European Jewish students.

Please be in touch to learn more about our programs and we’d be glad to share with you stories, videos and other projects created by students in Jewish schools from Vilnius to Istanbul, Kyiv to Amsterdam.

Centropa Foundation Marcell Kenesei
Director, CJN

Centropa seminars

Centropa seminars

We believe in personal contact and the power of meeting, sharing, experiencing together. This is why we organize our professional development seminar every year for European Jewish school teachers in one of the great cities of Europe. During our seminars, teachers not only have the opportunity to learn about history first-hand, they also gain new methodologies and resources, and learn about what works in other Jewish school curricula and programming. The CJN seminars are unique events for European Jewish educators to meet, share best practices, form partnerships, and build a Jewish future in Europe together.

Find out more about our seminars here: http://cjn.centropa.org/CJN-seminars

Centropa workshops

Centropa workshops

Would you like to learn more about Centropa and our Jewish Network, but you don't have time to attend our seminars? No problem! CJN colleagues Marcell and Bori are happy to visit your school and organize a free workshop for you and your faculty. We would love to meet you! If you are interested in hosting a workshop, contact Bori at pal(at)centropa.org.

CJN student competition

Student competitions

Do you want your students to get out of their comfort zones and take part in meaningful projects involving Jewish learning, while they also have fun? Then take part in the annual CJN competition! Students create short videos about their Jewish heritage - recipes, communities, family history - or take part in cross-border projects which allows them to virtually jump borders and work together with peers in other countries. Jewish school students in Europe, US and Israel can all take part, share their work with the globe and win valuable prizes! Find out more about our competition here: http://cjn.centropa.org/student-competition

Projects without borders

Centropa projects

The best thing about CJN is that it makes the Jewish world bigger and smaller at the same time! While you understand that Jewish communities are truly global, connecting to them has never been so easy. The Centropa Jewish Network has partner schools from Stockholm to Budapest, from Istanbul to Warsaw - do not hesitate to contact us if you have a cross-border project idea and you are currently looking for a partner: Bori Pál, pal(at)centropa.org

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