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Standing together/working together

Before Communism fell in 1989, there was one Jewish school in all of Central Europe—in Budapest—and it had 12 students. Today, more than 30 Jewish schools in 20 countries see over 5,000 students every day, and whatever the future holds for European Jewish life, it is sitting in those classrooms today.

That is why we created the Centropa Jewish Network, a platform for teachers to share best practices and brainstorm with each other so students can create new technology projects and share them with each other—and with their counterparts in Israeli and American Jewish schools, too.

It’s all about Jewish identity, family stories and European Jewish history much broader than the Holocaust, so be in touch and we’ll share great stories and projects with you.

Marcell Kenesei
Director, CJN
Centropa Foundation

Centropa seminars

Centropa seminars

No one can teach a teacher better than another teacher, and that’s why we bring educators together to share ideas and classroom-tested lesson plans. Once each year we meet in cities like Berlin and Istanbul, Budapest and Frankfurt, where we meet with historians and community activists and sit around the table sharing programs work, then forming networks and partnerships with each other.

Find out more about our seminars here!

Centropa: when Europe’s history gets personal

Centropa workshops

You’re teaching in a Jewish school and you want your students to know what it was like to grow up in an East European shtetl, or about surviving the nine hundred day siege of Leningrad, or what it was like when Jews were thrown out of Poland in 1968.

Centropa’s online archive offers personal stories like this—and so much more. Just contact us, Marcell and Bori, and we can help you find the stories that will fire the imagination of your students while broadening their understanding of the troubled 20th century.

Centropa competitions

Student competitions

Nothing fires up the teenage brain like the word competition and we work with teachers so their students will create walking tour videos, stop action videos of cooking recipes, and their own short documentaries. Click here to learn more about our ongoing series of great student competitions.

Projects without borders

Centropa projects

Almost every teenagers lives on social media, and that means today’s students just don’t see borders where we do. That’s why we partner entire classrooms in Jewish schools in Budapest and Frankfurt, Vilnius and Berlin—and so many others. This is how we strengthen Jewish identity and bring Jewish teens together.

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