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Centropa has a unique family history database. The National Library of Israel has an outstanding Judaica collection. We discovered it’s even better if we put the two together. In our cooperation, we develop resource packs with films, posters, photographs, documents, maps, worksheets teaching suggestions and creative activities – for various subjects and age groups, created by educators for educators. Our aim is to facilitate and promote the creation of meaningful, challenging, and enjoyable learning experiences, and to provide knowledge and strengthen Jewish identity and connections to Jewish culture and tradition, Israel, and the Jewish people around the world.



Centropa is a historical institute aiming to preserve Jewish memory. Since 2000, we have interviewed 1,200 elderly Jews in 15 countries from Central and Eastern Europe, and digitized 25,000 family photographs. The result is an open database, which paints a vivid picture about 20th century Jewish life in Central and Eastern Europe.


The National Library of Israel

The National Library of Israel is experiencing a surge of renewal aimed at making it a central and active player in the cultural and intellectual life of all citizens of the State of Israel, of Diaspora Jewry, and of the general public worldwide. The treasures of the Library will be integrated into the curriculum, which will be enriched with original documents in subjects such as history, Bible, Talmud, literature, civics, and art.

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Teaching Materials

lesson plans

Getting familiar with the Jewish life before the Holocaust, emphasizing the life of Jewish people together with the society.
This lesson plan is based on the movie “Lilli Tabuer - A Suitcase Full of Memories'', because audio-visual materials are an invaluable tool for teaching about the Holocaust.
Holocaust and the Nazi regime's exploitation of propaganda during World War II, Theresienstadt, a concentration camp employed by the Nazis for propagandistic purposes, can be examined as a compelling case study demonstrating how propaganda can be utilized to manipulate public perception.
Young students often do not know how to decipher the hidden messages present in the information they receive either through texts or through audio-visual material, and, as a result, they cannot differentiate reality from lies.
Creating awareness about why learning about the past is crucial and that their experiences will be history for the upcoming generations.
Working with the film will help to awaken compassion, empathy, consciousness, respect in students. In difficult times there is a problem of indifference. This film is a great example of how to treat your neighbor regardless of his religious preferences.
In History lessons we teach students the different historical events from the Middle Ages to the Present times. In the XX-ieth century the 2-nd World War History is very important, Wallenberg’s deeds