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“And I Never Saw Them Again” – Stories of the Kindertransport

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This lesson plan is based on the movie “And I Never Saw Them Again”, which are stories retold by the original children of the Kindertransport. Although it is an English lesson, History and Geography will also be taught as these are integral to understanding the context of the movie. This lesson plan will help students by 1. Teaching them knowledge about the geography of countries and continents. 2. Understanding that history has a direct impact on the lives of individuals and their communities. 3. Using a medium that speaks to students with video and interactive games as the lesson will be more engaging for them. 4. Developing students’ empathy as it enables them to better understand people of different cultures, or those who have been labeled as “different”. The lesson is based on “Bloom’s Taxonomy in the areas of: Remembering, Understanding, Applying, and Analyzing


To help students develop an interest in history and geography within an ESL class through: 1. Revising and learning new vocabulary with flashcards and worksheets. 2. To test students’ knowledge of the Geography of some of the countries in the world. 3. Students will play the game: Charlie’s Journey and the game: Kinder Bubbles. 4. Students will watch the movie ““And I Never Saw Them Again’, and after viewing, oral comprehension questions using the WH questions will be asked to check their aural understanding. 5. Students will play the interactive game to test the vocabulary they have learned in the movie. 6. Students will be given homework to reinforce the vocabulary learned in the class. 7. Teacher will give students the “Exit Tickets” as a reflection activity.  

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