CJN seminars

behind the idea

“No one can teach a teacher better than another teacher”

This is our motto, and that is why we organize our yearly seminars for Jewish school teachers all over Europe and Israel. We bring educators together to share ideas and classroom-tested lesson plans. Once a year we meet in cities like Berlin or Istanbul, Budapest or Frankfurt, and connect with educators. On these events we listen to each other, participate on lectures from historians and community activists and visit the city to learn about its Jewish history.

These seminar are not only a chance to learn about another city’s Jewish history, but the participants also have a chance to write meaningful lesson plans and create everlasting international friendships and partnerships.

Applications are open to our first CJN regional seminar. Join us in beautiful Vilnius for a 3-day professional development seminar for Jewish educators from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
Our very first online professional development opportunity, "Discovering the Sephardic Jewish World of the Balkans", for teachers in Europe, Israel and the US.
26 teachers came together from 16 schools in 14 countries to our 8th professional development seminar for European Jewish schools in Budapest, Hungary!
On February 24-27, 2019, 34 teachers came together from 16 countries to our 7th professional development seminar for European Jewish schools in Istanbul, Turkey!
Between 29-31 October, we organized our 6th professional development seminar for teachers in European and Israeli Jewish Schools in Krakow.
Between 12-14 February, Centropa organized the fifth CJN winter seminar for teachers and educators of European and Israeli Jewish schools.
From the 20-22 March, 2016, 34 educators from 19 Jewish schools and educational institutions in 16 countries attended at our seminar in Budapest. 
Between the 14th and 16th of March, we held our third annual winter seminar for teachers in European Jewish schools in Berlin, Germany.
On March 9-10, 2014, Centropa held our second professional development seminar for teachers working European Jewish schools.
On Feb 10-11, 2013, Centropa brought together 28 educators from 14 countries to a professional development seminar in Berlin.