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Sephardic Jewry webinar (2021)

Thank you for joining us on the first online professional development seminar of the Centropa Jewish Network, “Discovering the Sephardic Jewish World of the Balkans”. During the seminar educators from around the world came together to gain new resources and tools, discuss common challenges and ideas about Jewish education, and form partnerships for the future.

Program highlights:

  • Travel virtually to Belgrade, Sarajevo and Thessaloniki, and learn about the history and rich cultural heritage of the Sephardim of the Balkans;
  • Dive into our resources of family stories, photographs, short films, and resource pack we have developed in cooperation with the National Library of Israel (NLI);
  • Meet Jewish educators from around the world and develop lesson plans together;
  • Become a member of a unique community of Jewish educators.
Please enjoy the webinar support materials here!


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