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Kindertransport and the meaning of the word “HOME”

What problem/challenge does the lesson try to solve?

Understanding the other, understanding other cultures, compassion and mercy to the other, immigration in our modern world and its impact on young generation.

What is the mission of the project?

To work together, young students from different countries, to have a discussion / to get to know students from other cultures, to commemorate Jewish history and tradition, to develop compassion and carrying for human suffering, to grow to be better people in our world.

What are the goals of the project? 

  • To have international discussion – students from different countries / cultures discuss this subject.
  • To commemorate Jewish lives between wars.
  • To develop identity and compassion to current world humanity processes (immigration/ war/ the necessity to leave your home to move to other country to be saves or to have a future )

Applied online tools

Kindertransport: HOME Austrian Stories  Czech Stories  Pictures and Stories | 
  • Padlet
  • Possibility to create google site to hold short clips and documentation while working

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