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Children in the Holocaust Lily Tauber «A Suitcase Full of Memories»

What problem/challenge does the lesson try to solve?

A contemporary man must constantly learn but not only to master and improve his specialty, which gives him his daily bread. A person must be comprehensively educated. The objective of this lesson is to develop the ability to think critically through understanding history and the ability to analyze it. The present history is often the result of the past. Therefore, it is very important to form your own attitude to past events in the history and give your reasons.

What is the main question you want to answer?

A man is not alone. When tough times come people give each other a shoulder and even life. People can survive only if they are strong and surrounded by friends and like-minded people. But there are always people who think badly, or unkind. The question is whether the unprecedentedness of such a brutal crime as the Holocaust can be repeated and what can lead to this?

What curriculum standard or requirement are you trying to meet?

The use of the so-called “active learning” method, which includes the technique of situational modeling, which contributes to the improvement of speech skills based on the watched film and additional printed material.

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