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Balkan Sephardim webinar recording & resources

Centropa Jewish Network (CJN) is delighted to show you the first day of our webinar, “Discovering the Sephardic Jewish Communities of the Balkans”, which took place on March 14, 2021.

During the webinar, participants:
  • learned about the history and cultural heritage of the Balkan Sephardic Jewish Communities;
  • explored the joint resource pack of Centropa and the National Library of Israel on Balkan Jewish communities, including films, primary sources, worksheets and more;
  • were introduced to Centropa’s ‘Lost Sephardic World’ website.
Please also enjoy these webinar support materials:

Day 1 materials

Day 2 materials

About us

Centropa, a historical institute based in Vienna, interviewed 1,200 elderly Jews living in 15 European countries. We didn’t use video or focus on the Holocaust, but asked our respondents to tell us their entire life stories spanning the 20th c. as they showed us their old family photographs.

Centropa Jewish Network (CJN) is a platform for teachers in European, Israeli, and US Jewish schools to network, share ideas, and create projects together. We do this by organizing seminars, student competitions, and international projects for Jewish schools.

In our cooperation with the National Library of Israel (NLI), we combine the historical primary sources that are housed in the NLI archives together with the family and personal stories documented in the oral histories collected by Centropa. Based on these, we develop rich resource packs for educators with films, primary sources, worksheets and teaching suggestions – for various subjects and age groups.

Questions about CJN? Contact Eszter Rózsa, CJN coordinator at rozsa(at)

Questions about NLI? Contact Shuvi Hoffman, NLI Diaspora Education Manager at Shuvi.Hoffman(at)

We look forward to continued learning and discovering together!