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Meet our new CJN director

Spring is a time for renewal, and this is what’s happening around the corner of the Centropa Hungary office. We are both happy and sad while writing these lines to you. As you have probably guessed from the title, Bori Pál is leaving Centropa and Mária (Mirus) Lieberman will be taking over her role as director of the Centropa Hungary office and the Centropa Jewish Network. We would like to share their messages to you.

Goodbye and thank you!

I am laughing and crying at the same time as I prepare to transition my tasks and leave Centropa. It seems that I have been working here my entire life, but it has only been five years – Centropa has been my first real job, I arrived here in 2016 right after graduating from university, full of optimism and curiosity. First I got to know the unique Centropa database and our colorful educational programs as a project coordinator, and in 2019 I was honored to continue as the managing director of the Budapest office. The last two years have been undoubtedly challenging for many reasons (one being a global epidemic), but there are many things I am extremely proud of: our seminars, exhibitions, student projects, a new website. Still, if I have to pick one thing, the most important I take with me is the wonderful people I have met here. I am grateful for my team, partners and supporters, but most of all the wonderful teachers, who bring Centropa to their students every day. You always made me feel that my work matters and makes a difference, and for this, I am extremely thankful.

I am glad that I leave Centropa in good hands: together with colleagues in four offices, Mirus will continue to write the 20-year history of Centropa.

Bori Pál

Returning to my roots!

It is a great pleasure and honor for me to follow in Bori’s footsteps in leading this great organization. The mission of Centropa, preserving Jewish historical heritage and disseminating it through education, is a task that I have always considered extremely important and I have followed the work of Centropa in Hungary from the very beginning. I worked as a Jewish educator in my youth and got acquainted with the methodology of informal education, while teacher training was also part of my university studies. I feel that through my work at Centropa, I am returning to my two biggest passions: education and Jewish heritage. As part of an enthusiastic, dedicated team, I will work on enduring and enriching Centropa’s projects and trainings, preserving and promoting its unique database.

I look forward to working with Centropa’s supporters and partners, as well as teachers, whose contribution is essential to the mission of Centropa. Wishing Bori a lot of success, I hope we will have an opportunity to work together and she would continue to help Centropa through her experience.

Mirus Lieberman

We want to thank Bori for her tireless work of over 5 years at Centropa and welcome Mirus as she joins the Centropa team!💙