The 2nd CJN video competition – here are the results!

In the 2016/2017 school year, we announced the CJN video competition for the second time. Students from Jewish schools in Europe, US and Israel could compete with their short films in 4 categories: Virtual Jewish Cookbook, Family History, Virtual Walking Tour and My Community.

We are very proud to announce that this year we received over 80 videos (which is the double of what we received last year) from 12 countries and 15 schools.  All videos can be found on our Border Jumping page by filtering according to Centropa Jewish Network and video competition 2016/17. 


Virtual Jewish Cookbook Category

Runner Ups



Family History Category

Special Prize

Runner Ups



Virtual Walking Tour Category

Runner Ups



My Community Category

 Special prize


Runner Ups



 We would like to specially thank the work of our most active teachers,  who motivated their students and submitted more than 5 videos:

  • Sofija Pavinskaite (Vilnius Sholom Aleichem ORT Gymnasium)
  • Irit Hengel (Ahad Ha'am high school, Peh Tikva, Israel)
  • Hanna Kenner (Ahad Ha'am high school, petah Tikva, Israel)
  • Diana Gheracimiuc (Lauder-Reut Educational Complex, Bucharest, Romania)
  • Ivalio Ivanov (Dimcho Debelyanov- Hebrew and English Langugage School, Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • Nance Adler (Jewish Day School, Bellevue, USA)
  • Sami Levi (Ulus Jewish Schools, Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Engin Arik (Ulus Jewish Schools, Istanbul, Turkey)

We also owe a special thanks to our wonderful coordinators: Dorothea Fecske (Frankfurt, Germany), Nance Adler (Bellevue, USA), Diana Gherasimiuc (Bucharest, Romania) and Stella Kalle (Thessaloniki, Greece) for coordinating the competition, be in contact with teachers and evaluating the videos. 

We are very proud of this Centropa competition and all the teachers and students who participated in it. Watch the videos, learn from them, enjoy them – and hope to see you next year!

Centropa at the 8th Arachim Conference

Between the 20th and 23rd of May, Centropa participated in the 8th Arachim conference in London. For the conference, more than 40 educators came together from European Jewish schools to talk about common challenges and share good practices.

During the session of Centropa, teachers could learn about our materials, about the Centropa Jewish Network, and our competitions and project opportunities. We are happy that we could met with so many inspiring teachers, and we hope to see them again during our CJN seminar in 2018!

Video competition for students - sign up now!

After last year's success, Centropa anounces the second video competition for students of Jewish schools in Europe, US, and Israel!

Students have to find a topic, research it, and make a maximum 5 minute long video about it in one of the following categories:

- Virtual Jewish Cookbook: Find a Jewish recpie, research its history, make it, bake it, taste it, and of course - document the whole process and share it with us!

- Virtual Walking Tour: Guide us through the Jewish district of your town, tell us about its past and its present!

- Family History: Tell us a bout the history of your family, a Centropa interviewee, or someone who went once to your school. How did history shape the life of hese people?

- My community: Tell us about your Jewish community, or another community from your country. Show us your school or synagogue, or the people who were (are) important in shaping this community.

More information about the competition, video making guidelines and prizes can be found here.

Deadline for submitting the videos: May 8, 2017.

CJN seminar in Berlin, 12-14 February 2017

Between 12-14 February, Centropa organized the fifth CJN winter seminar for teachers and educators of European and Israeli Jewish schools. 28 participants came together from 16 countries to learn about Centropa materials and the various ways they can be used in the classroom. Teachers had the opportunity to work together in smaller groups, think about cross-border project ideas together, and share lesson plans with each other. We also invited three guest lecturers, Sammy Morhaim from the Jewish Interactive, Karen Ettinger from the National Library of Israel, and Mariano Schlimovitch from the European Council of Jewish Communities to share new resources and teaching methods. 

The fifth CJN seminar was a sparkling and inspiring event - many great project ideas were born, which we hope to see to unfold in the future. Thank you for coming, and let's stay in touch!

CJN Seminar 20-22 March, 2016 Budapest

Between the 20th and 22th of March, 2016, 34 educators from 20 Jewish schools (or educational institutions), 16 countries attended at our fourth annual winter seminar for European Jewish schools. The Seminar was held in Budapest, at the Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities (MAZSIHISZ).

During those two and a half days, participants worked together on cross-border projects, exchanged ideas and best practices, created lesson plans based on Centropa films and our web-based content, and brainstormed on how to strengthen European Jewish identity by connecting Jewish students with each other. 

CJN Video-competition for students in Jewish Schools (2015-2016)

For the first time CJN announces an international student competition based on cross-border projects that were developed during our CJN seminars for EU Jewish schools. These border-jumping projects will connect your students with Jewish students in other countries (including also Jewish schools in the US and in Israel), and they will add to their knowledge base on Jewish life and culture, history, gastronomy, doing research, or the art of storytelling.

Students have to make a 5-10 minute video choosing one from the four topics below:

-          Virtual Walking Tour

-          School Tableau

-          Family History

-          Cookbook

For each type of project there will be a winner and two runners-up, plus extra prizes for honourable mentions.

To see more about the competition and the four projects, go on this link: